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Alt Black Media

#Amplify #Aggregate #Agitate

Pic: Media day at The Hampton House

The Movement For

Unapologetic Black
Media, New Media
& Technology

Pic: Help us amplify voices like Chairman Fred Hampton Jr, Black Panther Cubs, Prisoners Of Conscience Committee & host of Free Em All Radio x the Lady of Rage

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Alt Black Tech

Imagine our own Youtube and Netflix, being able to control our images and stories. Our own Facebook and Twitter, being able to discuss issues impacting our community without being labeled “black identity extremists’. Our own On Demand apps like AirBnB and Uber…. and reaping the fruits of our own steaming platforms. It starts with vision.

Pic: Nyota Uhura (via Beam robot) & Dr Reynaldo Anderson at the Institute For the Future, #BSAM Silicon Valley presents Afrofutures Festival + Exhibition | Intersection of Futures Thinking + Afrofuturist Visioning


Alt Black News

“Google News” type platform, centralized location for unfiltered black views and perspectives on the issues impacting our community…. that also allows us to inform, control the discourse and push back at false narratives & propaganda in the mainstream media. The first step in transitioning off social media platforms we don’t own or control.


Movement that grew out of Ferguson to assist those shaping young black minds,

The Black Panther Cubs Triple Cs | Chairman Fred Hampton Jr
The Black Men Lead Rite of Passage Initiative | Dr Rick Wallace
Hip Hop Chess Federation | Adisa Banjoko
Global Awareness Through Hip Hop Culture | Sebastian Elkouby
#TakeHipHopBack | planet-hiphop