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AltBlackNews is a “Google News” type news aggregator, centralized location for unfiltered views and perspectives on the issues impacting the black community. We don’t all think alike.

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AltBlackRadio is a radio platform for movements amplifying their messages contributing to the promotion of social and political change.

Pic: Free Em All Radio ft Chairman Fred Hampton Jr & the Lady of Rage

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AltBlackTV is a video streaming platform, a bridge between independent content creators and their target audience, providing a direct channel for distribution, improved discoverability, increased engagement, a personalized experience, and opportunities for independent video content.

Be Your Own Bullhorn!

Amplify Your Voice

Share your stories, perspectives, eyewitness accounts and opinions on current events. We amplify/prioritize/pitch stories that are underreported or ignored by traditional media outlets, giving a voice to those often neglected, censored and even silenced.