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    Chairman Fred Hampton Jr, Free Em All Radio x the Lady of Rage

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    Imagine our own Youtube and Netflix. Our own Facebook and Twitter. Our own robot and conferencing apps like Beam and Zoom, On Demand apps like AirBnB and Uber…. and reaping the fruits of our own steaming platforms. It starts with vision.


    Alt Black News

    AltBlackNews is a centralized location for black views and perspectives that also allows us to inform, control the discourse and push back at false narratives. The first step in transitioning off platforms we don’t own or control.


    Some of the ways we’re impacting our youth,

    The Black Panther Cubs Triple Cs | Chairman Fred Hampton Jr
    The Black Men Lead Rite of Passage Initiative | Dr Rick Wallace
    Hip Hop Chess Federation | Adisa Banjoko
    Global Awareness Through Hip Hop Culture | Sebastian Elkouby
    #TakeHipHopBack | planet-hiphop

    These programs may not survive COVID. How you can help!