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We don’t all think alike

Alt Black News

Centralized news platform for black news, politics & commentary. Convenient way to stay in the know, keep your finger on the pulse of the streets and the issues impacting our community… all in one place. AltBlackNews counters censorship, shadowbanning and deplatforming by helping black content creators create presence on Alexa, Roku, Fire TV and more increasing their exposure beyond Facebook, Twitter and Youtube while we build our own.


“Alexa start Alt Black Radio”

AltBlackRadio amplifies The Peoples’ voice. The station is 24/7 talk, commentary, discussions and movement music. Featured shows include Sleep Is the New Woke ft Nyota Uhura and weekly broadcasts of Free Em All Radio ft Chairman Fred Hampton Jr & the Lady of Rage, King BJ, Judge Joe Brown & Gavin Richard and more.
Visit the station. Activate on Alexa.

The Black Panther Party Cubs

The Cubhouse

Learn, grow and build with Chairman Fred Hampton Jr and the Black Panther Cubs. Join the movement today!

Banging the World Into Shape

Banging the World Into Shape is social media/urban think tank for critical thinkers/problem solvers, grassroots activists and those building outside the Democratic Party and NPIC.

Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!

Social media for police brutality activists, archive of posts, tweets and critical analysis since Ferguson… Launched to tell our story and counter false narratives put out by the left during Ferguson. Follow the latest from The Movement, Mass Action Against Police Brutality and more. Organize without being under the watchful eye or big brother or big tech. From ground zero, the spark. #RIPMikeBrown #RIPKingDSeals #FreeJosh

Visit handsupdontshoot.com


BLIXXtv is a video streaming platform that features a mix of original, aggregated and curated content, each week a digital patchwork of black indie cinema, film, documentaries, animation, live shows & stand up. Stay tuned for our launch on Android TV, Apple TV, Roku & Fire TV.

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